I’m a very ambitious person but I know I’m a still pup surrounded by Great White Sharks and Megalodons so I need your help.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve sent my first proposal to friends’ for web design, hosting, management & dev but everyday after I’ve sent them, I’ve been very skeptic about the hosting price I’ve designed for my service.

Before I’ve sent those.. I first…

Sent out applications to be an affiliate for hosting companies but was only accepted by two, which I think is still awesome and is a reliable & growing hosting company. Do you think I should just outsource hosting with BlueHost which charges $x.xx/month for the Shared Hosting, Hostinger which charges $x.xx/month or should I go for the AWS Lightsail Linux/Unix server at $x.xx/month?

Another idea I’ve got from learning on Udemy is to use a LAMP Server, but as of writing, I think this would be feasible for corporations, not Small Companies. Any idea what the forecasted cost would be on a website with 1000 monthly visitors?

I just want to get a different perspective/opinion on these so won’t I zoom in too much on the details of each plan.

Hoping for any thoughts and ideas!

Cheers! :beer:

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